Amazon Sponsored Ads

Showcase Your Products on The First Page of Amazon Search Result

We are the leading PPC agency with more than 10,000 campaigns managed and worked for 50+ clients. We at eStore Assistant can help your brand grow and known by the shoppers. Our Amazon Sponsored Ads Management Service is the top choice among the new brands as well as well established brand owners. We can help you set realistic goals, and set up a strategy to achieve it by increasing ROI with minimum ACoS. Partner with us and see the sales graph grow.

Cost Per Click program allows the products to be displayed as a sponsored product when people search for similar products. We must use the relevant keywords that matches the product being sold.

Benefits of Amazon Sponsored Ads

  • No activation fees
  • Pay only if customer clicks
  • Set your daily budget
  • Fetch traffic faster than other advertising medium
  • Increase Amazon Product Ranking as the sales increases
  • Control which products you want to advertise

eStore Assistant can help you with

Keyword Research

We will do a deep keyword research using Helium10, Merchantwords, Jungle Scout and other tools to find the best keywords.

Reverse ASIN

Using Cerebro, we will perform ASIN lookup of top 5 competitors and use the keywords that they are using.

Create New Campaigns

We will create Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand and Product Display campaigns. This will also include Keyword targeting and Product targeting.

Keyword Bid Optimization

Optimize the bid values on daily basis according to the performance.

Search Term Report

Download search term report every week and adjust bid values accordingly. Also, the report will help in adding/removing keywords to/from campaign.

Negative Keywords

Add negative keywords that are using our budget and not generating any sales.