Keyword Research

Product Keyword Research

Get the best converting keywords for your products using e-store assistants’ keyword research services

You must be aware that Amazon’s search engine is one of the best search engines created which displays the most relevant products at top as per the search terms. We must use the most relevant keywords in our listing in order to optimize our product. Also, keyword stuffing is not useful, in fact it will lower your product visibility on the search page. So, using proper keywords in Title, Bullet Points, Descriptions and Backend is very important to rank your product on Amazon.

We, manually collect keyword phrases related to product and then search them on different keyword research tools to find the search volumes and relevancy. Keywords provided by us will work as a catalyst for your listing to generate more impressions, visibility and sales. You can also use the keywords to create PPC campaigns.

Our Process

First of all, we do manual keyword research from competitor’s listings and find relevant keywords.

Then these keywords are searched on various keyword research tools to find the search volume and other relevant keywords.

We also do Reverse ASIN on top 5 similar products that are best sellers on Amazon, so that we don’t miss out the keywords that competitors are ranking for.

All the keywords are also searched on Amazon to verify if they are displaying similar products or not.

Keyword Research Tools

Parameters for keyword research:

  • Search Volume
  • Reverse Lookup
  • Target Audience
  • Amazon’s Suggestion
  • Competitive Terms
  • Misspellings
  • Marketplace
  • Relevance

Our Deliverables

Keyword Research file with top priority, medium priority and low priority keywords to be used in Title, Bullet Points and Descriptions respectively along with their search volumes.

Raw file with Reverse ASIN lookup on top 5 competitor’s product. You can use these keywords in PPC campaigns.

List of Backend Search Terms/Generic Keywords/Meta Keywords for your Amazon Listing.