Product Listing Optimization

Amazon Product Listing Optimization

Make a perfect Amazon product page that can drive organic sales using eStore Assistant’s Optimization service. We can help you create listing for your product that will stand out in the competitive market place.

Listing optimization is a one-time investment that will be helpful on long run. Advertising can boost the sales but that is for short term, once you stop advertisement, traffic will also stop. On the other hand, optimized listing will be helpful for lifetime.

We create listing that appeals to Shoppers. Our copywriters create precisely crafted compelling content that will convert Shoppers to Buyers. In other words, clicks will convert to sales.

Optimization is not about keyword stuffing

As per the Amazon search algorithm, optimization does not depend on using maximum keywords in your listing, it depends on how we precisely use them at right place.

We don’t need to stuff irrelevant keywords to title or bullet points, we need to optimize the listing by doing proper Keyword Research and then use the keywords to Title, Bullet Points and Description. Also, you listing must be user friendly and easy to understand what you are selling.

Why Choose Us for Listing Optimization?

  • Varied Experience: Our copywriters have 5+ years of experience creating Amazon Listing Copywriting. We have created more than 5,000 product listings and helped sellers increase the conversions.
  • All Round Experience: Our copywriters have worked with more than 200 sellers, selling on different categories. They have experience of each product niche and how to create best copy for that particular category.
  • Device Friendly Listing: Our listings will not only look perfect on desktops but they will also be compatible with mobile phones.

Our Deliverables

A Perfect Amazon Listing

Product Title

Sharp, Reader-friendly, keyword infused and to the point.

Bullet Points

Five bullet points with all the important information, features & benefits.


HTML Description that will include all the secondary information such as Ingredients, Direction to use, Brand Story, What is included and more.

Backend Search Terms

Search Terms also known as Meta Keywords that will be added to the backend and are not visible to buyers.